About the Society

The Society connects gardeners of all levels through education and community outreach.


Westonka Horticultural SocietyThe Westonka Horticulture Society, through education and community outreach, encourages those who have an interest in horticulture to cultivate their gardening knowledge and become stewards of the earth.


The Westonka Horticultural Society strives to be a highly respected educational organization that garners trust among all levels of gardeners and industry professionals.


As our world continues to change through various impacts on the environment, the Westonka Horticultural Society will strive to care for the greater landscape and encourage others to become stewards of the earth.

  • To engage members and nonmembers to use reliable educational resources to enhance their knowledge of responsible and sustainable gardening and landscaping methods
  • To provide assistance and learning opportunities for low income individuals and nonprofits
  • To encouage continuing education through scholarships in horticulture, agriculture and environmental sciences



  • Westonka Horticulture Day conference
  • Garden Gab sessions
  • Plants Swap

Community Outreach

  • Low income assistance in sustainable garden techniques
  • Community Gardens
  • Nonprofit assistance in sustainable gardening
  • Community beautification
  • Volunteer time
  • Gillespie Center program


  • High School scholarships
  • Continuing education scholarships